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Her, me and romancing Paris

We could feel the chilling winds against our skin as we bimbled on the streets of Paris. I have always loved the winters since childhood....

New York diary - A photo journal

A photo journal to our time in the New York. Our last normal vacation before outbreak of Corona Virus

Zurich’s Magic at New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve celebration holds a different meaning when you are in Zurich - Live music, plenty to eat and drink, and amazing fireworks.

An addiction called Mumbai

For someone who is not born here, Mumbai may seem to be a bit chaotic at the start. It feels as if time has a different meaning here.

Lisbon affair

Lisbon came as a surprise to me as I was not expecting a city to blend the modern commercial side and artistic side so beautifully.

Madrid Diary

My train ride to Madrid was relaxing. I was eagerly waiting to see what it had in store for me to explore over the next couple of days

A day in the bold and beautiful Valencia

Valencia came in when my travel excitement was at peek and I was getting to know Spain better. At the end I fell in love with it completely

Colors of Barcelona

Continuing my solo backpack journey in Europe I after my time in Amsterdam, I traveled next to the colorful city of Barcelona

Magnificent Ruins of Hampi

Discover the ruins of Vijayanagar Empire in this bouldered town of Hampi in Karnataka, India



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