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#7 Embrace the Thrill of the Open Road

May 2023



There is something inexplicably captivating about hitting the open road, leaving behind the familiarity of home and venturing into the vast unknown. It's a mix of anticipation and uncertainty, where every turn and detour becomes an opportunity for discovery. Each day brings a new adventure to try, new places to discover, & new people to meet. The road trip experience is as much about the challenges as the triumphs over them.


I remember when my brother and I went on a 10 days road trip in Iceland. For us, every day was a new challenge and was packed with so many experiences as we travelled across the country. We weren't interested in staying at one place too long as it was just a pit stop for the night to catch on some sleep before we hit the road ahead. The idea of not knowing where the road takes us, not having a fixed schedule and taking everything thing as it comes was both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. At times we used to have a snack in the car parked near a river or a mountain.

Then there were my graduation days in Nagpur when we used to take our bikes for a spin on an early Sunday Morning to places nearby. There used to be 6 - 7 of us sharing 3 - 4 bikes amongst ourselves, not caring about the world and only having eyes on our destination.


The bonds formed on the road are unique and last a lifetime as you share laughter & create memories.


Yet, it is not just the thrill of the unknown that usually fuels our passion for road trips; it is also the feeling of completion. Crossing the finish line of a road trip—whether it be the final destination or the end of a day's journey—fills us with an overwhelming sense of achievement. We reflect on the challenges we overcame, the memories we created, and the bonds we forged along the way.


If I'm being truthful here, the culmination of a road trip has always left an indelible mark on my soul, reminding me of my ability to conquer the unknown path and truly embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the journey.


If you are looking for a time that is filled with nothing but pure heart-to-heart connection; where every stop gives you a reason to keep going ahead; where every trouble brings you all closer; where every song you sing comes straight from heart; and where even the little things as a roadside eatery or finding a good tree-shade to rest brings you more joy then the riches of the world, then don't think twice before hitting the road. Seek solace in the ever-changing landscapes and the people you meet along the way. Embrace every challenge without second guessing your journey and keep moving ahead even if it requires taking a pit stop to recharge. And when you finally reach the end, remember that a road trip is not just about the destination, but the profound transformation you underwent throughout the journey.


May your road trips be filled with breathtaking vistas, captivating detours, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Hit the road, and let your spirit roam free!


Happy Travelling






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