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#4 Jamboree Tails!

February 2023



Since a kid, I've always looked forward to celebrating Holi. I remember how we used to plan for it a week in advance. The thrill of playing with friends all day and eating hot delicious snacks kept me awake the night before. My love for colors continues to date. Although I've become more cautious about ensuring little or no water usage and using natural colors.


I never thought it was worth traveling somewhere new to celebrate the festivities. It was always about being together at home with family. That changed when I moved out of my hometown and came to Mumbai. I was on my own at times when various festivals came. Once I was on my own during Diwali and visited the Town / Fort side of Mumbai. I felt as if I set foot in a different era because the vibe & feel of the place were completely different. Festivals tend to give a new look to the old routes and corners of the city, and the same happened that day. Same old building, same old roads, but a different feeling, a happier feeling in the air. I saw a rare part of the city which I never thought existed.


That's when I thought about trying festival travel. The idea was to experience the festival in a different setting that brings a freshness that otherwise fades away in the usual. And for Holi, I've always wanted to go to Mathura to experience how people celebrate it there. The number of ways they celebrate Holi makes me want to drop everything and go and experience it firsthand. Phoolon ki Holi, Lathmar Holi, Widow Holi, and many more ways of the celebration go on for days. Although I'm not a big fan of participating in Lathmar Holi, I'll play Phoolon ki Holi.


And at times, it need not be a specific place at all. It's about going somewhere new to enjoy the festival rather than being at home. That way, you can keep the feeling of the festival alive for a couple of days, and plan a more fun-filled & engaging holiday for the family.


Why only India; you can select other destinations to plan your travel around local festivals. And I'm not talking about a music fest but a cultural one. It is a remarkable way to engage and soak in the culture to better connect with people and places.


Have you considered vacation during a festival and found the idea worth exploring? What about celebrations outside India? Have you participated in one and ended up with a happy heart & happier pictures? Do you think you can apply this to other festivals? It is worth a shot and may end up being a family tradition.


Hope you guys have a colorful Holi. See you next month.






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