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News Letter

These newsletters are part of a new project that I've taken in late 2022 and will work on dedicatedly in the entire of 2023.


I want to engage in conversation about facets of travel that do not get their fair share of attention. I want to cover places hidden from us due to people perceiving them as less social media-worthy. I'll try and break some of the cliches of travel ideas which has crept into our travel plans for years. And once in a while, I'll share stories about everyday people who create their own travel goals, which nudges you to chart your plans. 

I want to engage with you in an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experiences about what traveling means to you. I'll fill your inbox only with ideas that could give you that needed push to change your perspective about traveling from a typical yearly just another tradition to something of a life-changing experience one journey at a time. 


Hopefully, I'll be able to convince you that this world has enough place for you and your quirky, eccentric, and out-of-order travel ideas to exist and flourish beautifully

If you enjoyed reading any of my newsletters and would want to be a part of this limited project for 2023, do hit the subscribe button at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any ideas or thoughts which you want me to talk about, hit the Contact section and to drop in your ideas. I'll be happy to take them up in my next news letter.





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