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New York diary - A photo journal

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

My first trip to the US was a bit unexpected and unplanned. I never thought I would ever choose the US as a vacation destination but all thanks to my lovely wife, who got to go there for work, my US plans were in making. And it ended up as our last normal vacation before Corona Virus forced us to be home-bound.

While my wife was in the US for almost 1.5 months, I only had a week to spare (I know it's nothing) and we decided to spend that time in New York City.

We had planned for the usual but it wasn't a packed schedule as we wanted to take it easy and enjoy the rhythm of the city we've heard so much about rather than hop to different tourist places. Being November end, the weather was chilling but in a good way. We enjoyed the cold breeze outside and the feeling of hot coffee down our throat as we strolled through the streets of New York.

Over the next week, we visited different places, we tried the famous New York-style pizza, an authentic cheesecake, and realised how Star Bucks was at almost every corner of the city.

There is a lot I can talk about our time in NYC, but I'll leave you with these photos to see for yourself. Drop a comment if you are in for some anecdotes like how we waited almost 45 minutes to have dosa by the Legendary Dosa Man - Thiru Kumar who serves it in a food cart in New York.

Streets of New York


Streets of New York


Carlo's Bake Shop - I can still feel the taste of the cakes

I never though I would run into this. I had only seen it on TV


Now who wouldn't want to go shopping at this place?


These buildings look like Lego pieces

NYC from the top of Empire State Building


Better than the Statue itself!

Liberty Island - A Visit to Statue of Liberty


Central Park


A view to kill for

Shot from Liberty Island


The famous Times Square

Hard to find it empty


Glittery street of New York


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Slide to see more


Millions of tiny lights keeps the city glowing

NYC at night from top of Rockefeller Center


Stay Safe


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