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Her, me and romancing Paris

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

We could feel the chilling winds against our skin as we bimbled on the streets of Paris. I have always loved the winters since childhood. Although she was not a great fan and her face made it pretty clear.

Me - I know you do not like the winters but do not make it that obvious. It is just the start of our vacation, and we have so much to do here.

Her - I am literally freezing despite all the layers I am wearing. The only respite was the hot coffee we had a while ago. I think I would need a lot more coffee to survive this cold weather.

Me - Ha! Ha! Ha! Imagine what will happen if it snows.

Her - Oh! I am praying for that to not happen or else, we will be spending our entire vacation in the hotel room.

Me - Well, it is not snowing now. So why don't you cheer up and let me take you to some of the many arresting charms of Paris tonight?

Her - Done. But only if you get me another cup of coffee.

There is so much that Paris has to offer. However, we didn't have a particular destination in mind. We wanted to live and breathe Paris through our moments rather than rushing through a schedule. After scanning the Metro map for a while, we picked the Arc De Triomphe.

Her - Why do you carry such a big camera bag everywhere? Sometimes, I feel that Camera is your partner and, I'm just a tag along.

Me - How else do I click your stunning and insta-worthy photos in this beautiful city (Came up with something instantly to save myself)?

Her (sarcastically) - Oh Yeah? All I get is a couple of shots here and there and, then it's all about landscape, cityscape and whatnot. While you play with this toy, I end up holding the bag like an assistant.

Me - Alright, madame! Throughout our entire trip, I'll give you more priority than those landscapes.

The rest of our metro ride was about why I should take more photos of her. I know I had been caught and had to do my duty as her personal photographer for the rest of our journey, which I gladly accepted.

As we walked out of the station Charles de Gaulle - Etoile, we saw this giant round-about. At the center is this enormous Arc which takes all your attention immediately.

Looking at all the vehicles driving around the Arc forming a ring, it felt as if the Arc had a life of its own that constantly revolves around it. I was so engrossed in it that I stood there for a couple of minutes, gawking at this tall structure without a thought in mind.

I observed the crowd for a while. While many people were posing for a good photo, what surprised me the most was that some came dressed up and took off their coat or sweater to get that one good pic for social media in this cold weather.

Me - People amaze me sometimes. I have never thought of dressing up only to take pictures at famous tourist spots. It feels as if the whole point of coming here is to just take photos to decorate social media rather than explore the city.

Her - You may not know it, but people take a lot of effort for that one good picture to upload on social media. For some, travel is all about social media pictures.

Me - Well, since I am your cameraman for this trip, let me take some photos. You said I don't take your pics, so I'll make it up to you. And it won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Her - Nope! That's not gonna happen. Social media isn't that dearer to me, and I'm better off with the jacket and without a photo right now.

I smiled as I shook my head in defeat. We hung around the area for a while. The ever-busy road around the Arc was full of vehicles breaking in and out of the ring constantly like a flawless design in motion.

The moment we walked out of Palais Royal Musée du Louvre Metro station, the weather took a dark turn, literally.

Her - I can never come to terms with European weather. It was already so cold outside. How can it rain in December?

She kept on mumbling while trying to find a shade to stand under.

Me - I'm hoping it would restrict to only a drizzle. I really don't want to go back to the hotel so early. Will you be comfortable walking to the museum?

Her (rolling her eyes like an anime) - Sure, sure! Anything for Paris, isn't it?

I knew saying anything more was not going to make it better. On our way, I kept hoping that it wouldn't pour heavily. And I was lucky that by the time we reached the Lourve Museum entrance, it all stopped.

Me - This is something, isn't it? Look at the way it's lit from the ground.

Her - The pyramid looks so intriguing at night. Like a mirage, if you look at it long enough. I'm sure the view would be equally fascinating from beneath the ground.

Me - Yeah! Good that we came here at night, else we would have missed this view. Let's head inside before it gets crowded.

The inverted pyramid inside was like a geometric symphony. Everything was set to perfection resulting in something unique and beautiful at the same time.

Her (looking at the never-ending line of visitors)- All this excitement just to see a painting of a woman?

Me - Well, this isn't just any woman but a masterpiece created centuries ago. No wonder the excitement is there in the atmosphere. But for me, the real excitement is to walk the streets of Paris with you all day long.

Her - Finally, Paris is rubbing on you in a good way. I am starting to like this city. Though I still hate walking.

Cracking a smile, we took a brief tour of the Lourve before leaving for our last affair with Paris.

Her - I'm hungry now and, if I don't get to eat something, I'm sure I'll get hangry pretty soon.

Me - Oh! That's a serious issue. I don't see any eatery nearby to pick up something for you. Wait! I have a solution, rather a desi Indian solution.

Her, staring at me in confusion - What desi India solution could you possibly have that too in the middle of this almost empty park?

Me, searching for something frantically in my backpack.

Her - Hey! What are you suddenly looking for?

Me - Ah yes! Presenting to you our very own fenugreek tortilla with some tomato puree (I was grinning from ear to ear as I served this impromptu dish to her).

She almost tripped as she couldn't control her laugher. She somehow contained herself and had a surprised look on her face.

Her - Methi ka thepla aur tomato ketchup!!! Only you could have come up with something like that right now. People have famous French Crepes in Paris. And you have offered me is this so-called "fenugreek tortilla with some tomato puree".

Me - That's our kind of love in Paris. And frankly, I don't have anything else to offer you right now.

Her - This will do for now (She said in a muffled voice as she gobbled an entire tortilla).

Me - We will get something much better where we are going. Have some patience and savour your tortilla while you enjoy the view.

She demanded a couple more, and I happily fulfilled her wish as we walked by a giant Ferris Wheel. For us, it lit differently that night.

For the rest of our way, we talked about our day, the weather, and the fenugreek tortilla. By the end of it, we were we needed to be for the night. It was near perfection and romantic in any way you see it. The way it was covered in clouds every once in a while made it a sight to die for. And the finishing touch was the lighting that adorned it every now and then.

Her - This is why we walked for so long, isn't it?

Me - Yes. You don't come to Paris and not visit Eiffel Tower. It's like being unfaithful while romancing Paris. By the way, this is just the start; wait till you reach the top. The view from above will blow your mind.

Au revoir


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